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August 24, 2020: THE CHILDREN'S BOOK ACADEMY - A peek at new books at Spork Imprint. Obi’s Mud Bath was inspired by an actual event that occurred in Zimbabwe during a drought when a white rhino bull was unable to eat or drink after a tire became trapped around his horn and snout.

November 4, 2019: FIVE REASONS WHY... - You'll love OBI'S MUD BATH.

May 9, 2019: FINDING INSPIRATION - Drought conditions throughout Southern Africa have been an ongoing issue for both the residents and wildlife. 

October 16, 2019: HINDSIGHT IS GOLDEN - The stars have aligned and “the” response you’ve been waiting for, in what seems like forever, arrives…"We’d like to acquire your manuscript for publication."


January 2019: #ONTHESCENEIN19 - Annette Schottenfeld grew up with a book in her hands and a world of endless possibilities in her heart. 

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