Annette grew-up with a book in her hands and a world of endless possibilities in her heart. She is passionate about writing children's books, hip-hop dance and environmental issues, believing all have the power to change lives. An expert baker, Annette created the secret recipe for the decadent Uglie Muffin. Shhh, the recipe is a secret! A registered dietitian, she has written about food, nutrition and fitness. Annette lives in New York with her husband, two kids and dog, Rupert, who at times thinks he’s a little rhino.

Photo by Andrew Werner


Growing-up I always loved to write. My spelling skills left a bit to be desired, but that never stopped me. With practice, even before there was spell-check, my spelling slowly improved.

I also loved story-time at school and reading on my own. Books transported me to some other place and time, I could be anywhere and anyone. The characters became my friends and I would imagine my own stories with them in it.

When my children were younger, we would snuggle-up under a cozy blanket and read every night. There was nothing better. I began to believe that I too had stories that could be shared with children everywhere. And dreams do come true, as I’m now a children’s book author.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are, Good Night Moon, Madeline, Ida Always, Charlotte’s Web, The Rainbow Fish, Jamberry, Grumpy Monkey and so many more.

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